Second Miniature Sculpture

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This sculpture, reproduced in a limited Bronze edition, is about 30 cm high. It is the second in a series of Miniature Bronze Sculptures I am offering for sale.

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New Miniature Sculpture “Anatomy of Freedom”

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This sculpture, reproduced in a limited Bronze edition, is about 15 cm high. It is the first in a series of Miniature Bronze Sculptures I will offer for sale.

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Finally – the Midgard Serpent Movie! ;-)

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When movie stops, the serpent is following me up the road. Biting the ground… I have never seen that before…


Some old drawings

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Exhibition in Eidfjord, Norway

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I am participating with life-size sculpture on the annual show in Eidfjord, Norway. The exhibition is presented by The Norwegian Sculptors Association. 

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We can say much about coincidents, most of it is probably already said. However, they keep intriguing me. Like this one…
The day I would finnish my sculpture “the Midgard Serpent” I met this long, black snake. Honestly it is the bigest I have seen in Norway. It was relaxing in the sun. I made this foto and after that I made a film of it. While I was filming it started moving and came towards me with its mouth impressively opened… I left it alone and went back to my own black serpent. I prefer stone.



The Midgard Serpent – Finale!

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The Midgard Serpent has been finished and delivered. The polished highlights took out the beast in it and gave it that twinkle in the eye 😉

The Serpent is in my sculpture not yet biting its tail, however, it is already long and fat and bending over to reach for it and to curl around the whole Midgard… For those not too well informed about the Norse Mythology, the Midgard Serpent was the beast whom Tor had to defeat, but having done so, Tor himself died from the wounds that was given him by the beast. The stories from the Norse Mythology are strong and direct, with an outstanding poetical value. I am working intensely with it, probably as a way of searching my roots, and I achieve so much inspiration.

This sculpture has achieved more attention than I had expected, it now even looks like it gets quite serious spinn-offs! Stay tuned, I will post when the decisions are made…

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